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101 Fat Loss Tips

As a gift for my readers…and in light of all of the New Year’s resolutions that may be going downhill here in the 2nd week of January, I bring to you 101 Fat Loss Tips. You can read them here, or right click & save the link above to keep the PDF on your computer. […]

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National Junk Food Day 2014

I grew up in the generation of junk food – eating anything and everything unhealthy for me. I turned out fine. I’m incredibly healthy, despite the fact that I practically survived on candy bars and potato chips. Nowadays, there’s a major obesity problem going on in the world and everyone wants to point fingers at junk food at being the culprit. […]

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How Long It Takes Burn Your Favorite Junk Food

It’s National Junk Food Day, so I thought it would be fun to show just how long it takes to burn off some of your favorite junk foods: Source:   Share this with your friends: Want to link to this page? Here is the link: Embed this on your site. Just copy and paste […]


Healthy Foods

In today’s world there is a great deal of talk about eating heart healthy foods and living a lifestyle that promotes a healthy heart. Although this doesn’t tend to be a problem for the older generation who understands the importance of keeping their hearts healthy, questions regarding the importance of the under 40s worrying about […]

butterscotch brownies

National Butterscotch Brownies Day 2014

May 9th – Brownies with Golden Butterscotch Frosting May 9th is National Butterscotch Brownie Day, so I thought this recipe would fit the bill perfectly. After all, there isn’t much out there that is a better mix than chocolate & butterscotch, and when those two go together in a brownie? You have dessert nirvana! Ingredients […]

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National Coconut Cream Pie Day 2014

May 8th – Toasted Coconut Cream Pie I love, love, LOVE coconut. This is a simple recipe – yet soooooo delicious if you are a coconut lover like me! The creaminess of it makes it a good choice for cooler evenings, yet it is light enough to be served in warmer months as well; making […]

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National Roast Leg of Lamb Day 2014

May 7th - East Indian Roasted Leg Of Lamb May 7th is National Roast Leg of Lamb Day. I am not very schooled in cooking this particular dish, to be honest. However, the combination of ingredients in this particular recipe sound amazing; I am sure this would be equally delightful on a pork or even beef […]

crepes suzette

National Crepe Suzette Day 2014

May 6th – National Crepe Suzette Day 2014 Crepes Suzette is a real treat for any crepe lover. If you wish, you can use the crepe recipe for traditional sweet crepes; filling them with your choice of fruits. (Makes an amazing breakfast or brunch that kids and adults alike will go crazy over!) Of course […]

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Southern Cuisine and Southern Music?

Southern food and Southern songs significantly coming together in TV; publications: When the Zac Brown Band leaves, they take their tools, amps, as well as the 54-foot custom-made food truck they call “Cookie.” “We’re Southern guys,” points out the band, whose “Meet & Greet has brought together Southern-style food & tunes much to the delight of their fans…Read […]

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National Candied Orange Peel Day 2014

Candied Orange Peels Recipes May 4th is National Candied Orange Peel Day 2014. Candied fruit peel is a treat that dates back in history. It was made most often during the holidays, and was a snack many children looked forward to. Bring a little old world charm to your family today: Ingredients 8 each Oranges, […]

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National Raspberry Popover Day 2014

Simple Raspberry Popovers May 3rd is National Raspberry Popover Day. This recipe celebrates in the simplest and tastiest fashion! Ingredients 2 each Eggs 1 cup Flour, all-purpose 1 cup Milk 1/2 tsp Salt 1/2 cup Raspberry all-fruit spread or preserves Procedure 1  - Heat oven to 450 degrees. Generously grease 6-cup popover pan or six […]